Gunther The Great

This is a story about the best friend I had ever had,
he came to me via a phone call one morning from a lady
that knew of my love of bulldogs, they had a business
similar to mine and often said that I liked bullies so
much that I even ran a small fleet of Mack trucks, now
getting back to the phone call she said that her
daughter in law wanted to give away this English male
and wanted to know if I would like him, well I said I
would like to see him but didn't think I would be able
to take him.

That afternoon I went down to meet this little man, I
was a little early and in he walks, instantly my heart
went to my head, there he stood, big, regal, confidant
and handsome, after about 30 seconds he bounds over to
me and I knew he was going with me to his new home,
the thing I didn't know is how much this 2.5 yr. old
little man would come to mean to me.

Gunnie was smart and a first class clown, he loved to
go in the pond behind the house and frog hunt, one day
while I was with him by the pond he came out with a
big bull frog in his mouth, the head sticking out the
front and the legs out the sides, I think it was the
first one he ever really cought and I don't think he
knew what to do with it, he just looked at me as to
say what do I do now dad, I thought for sure the frog
was dead but just then the frog must have used his
secret wepon and gunnie spit him out, the frog went
back to the pond and Gunnie went back in for a big

This is just a sample of the funny things he would do,
he was always into somthing and I had no idea how much
he really meant to me till on day just short of his
eigth birtday he went out in the yard and I found him
lying down, he had thrown up some bile and it looked
like he was having trouble breatheing so I got him up
and rubbed him down, gave him some water by hand, he
seemed to recover and shake it off, let me tell you he
was one tuff bullie boy, the heat never seemed to
bother him and he would run for miles when I would
mow, chase the John Deere Gator and ride in it when
ever he could.

About an hour after the the breathing bout I went out
back to mow and he trotted after me but he just sat on
the hill over looking the pond he loved, he seemed not
well and when I started back to the house he started
to run and tripped, he got up and tried to run again
but fell and I knew he was in trouble, I rushed him to
the emerg. vet(it was late on Sat.), they took x-rays
and came back with the bad news, he had congestive
heart failure and his lungs and heart sack were full
of fluid. the very nice lady vet said she could draw
off the fluid but it would return because he had a bad
valve, so I had no choice but to have him put to
sleep, I brought him home and as the sun came up on a
beautifull misty Sunday morning I buried him on a
knoll over looking his beloved pond.

That was the hardest thing I ever had to do was say
goodby to my best friend, now when I mow I think I see
him in the pond hunting his beloved frogs or running
by the woods that he loved to snoop in. I had no idea
that a man could get so attached to a dog, I have had
other breeds and never had the attachment that I had
with Gunnie, bullies are very special animals and I
don't mind telling you I have soaked a hankerchiff
writing this but also want to say I have a new little
buddie named Dozer and he also very special also, he
is a 60 lb. red that a lady had that died and we were
blessed with him.

Try to enjoy every minute you can spare with your
bulldog, seems they were put here for our hearts and I
just can't imagine anyone ever mistreating one of them
or any other of our K-9 friends. Thanks for reading my







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