Ches-Tah & Danny
English Bulldog & Iraq Vet

bulloog and iraq veteranBulldog puppy Ches-Tah with Danny

My husband and I have been married for 22 years. During that time,
I have had miniature schnauzers which I have exhibited througout Europe
and the United States collecting ribbons, trophies, gifts, and accolades along the way.

All along my husband has mentioned that he would like to have a Bulldog
and name him Ches-Tah. He would tell me his dreams about owning a bully
and the fun he would have with one.

My husband retired from the US Army in September 2005. Less than 3 months
later, he was sent to Iraq with his new job. For a year he did his job faitfully and
planned to really begin our normal life without Army jobs and orders looming
over our heads.

He came home and began to get sick within a matter of weeks. After a six month
ordeal of tests, exams, and over 20 doctors, my husband was diagnosed with
Mantle-cell Lymphoma. This type of lymphoma is acquired from outside sources
and is not heriditory. There is no cure for this disease either.

Once he began his first round of chemotherapy, I sent out emails to all my dog
friends to ask if they knew of a bulldog litter available now or soon. The emails
came pouring in and I had one picked in a matter of hours!

After three days of planning and getting the money, my daughter (11yrs. old)
and I drove over 4 hours to get the baby. He was just what we had in mind when
we picked him up! He was in a pen with all his sisters, but he was the most georgous,
with striking marking and color compared to his all sister litermates.

Once we drove back to our house that night, my daughter and I brought Ches-Tah
inside and placed him on my sleeping husband's chest. Normally, when awakened,
he would be grumpy, however, when he saw that bully on his chest, he just melted.
And that was the rest of fulfilling the Ches-Tah has won the hearts of
our family, and everyone that he encounters.

Bullies rule!


--this English Bulldog Story submitted by Tina Holloway

bulldog ches-tah Ches-Tah the bulldog full grown




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