Big Al A Rescued English Bulldog

BIG AL.The Great White  /  A Rescued BULLDAWG

This is my short story introduction that I wanted to send you way with hope
that you will share the story of us rescued bullies. Miss Ali Moore, who is
the director for the Bulldawg Rescue for Georgia, does a lot for us before
we are placed with our "rescue family." We are all just one big BULLDAWG
family and she takes such good care of us until she finds just the right
"rescue" home. Miss Ali is extremely particular and choosey and you might
say somewhat officious, when it comes to bullie placement. A six page
application no less and two-hour home visit of all things, oh well, that is
another story, one I am sure would be of interest. Then the "bonding thing".
So if you know of a "great potential rescue family" give me a bark and I
will alert Ms. Ali.

My name is Big AL. AKA Albert The Great White :-) I am a certified therapy
trained English "Bulldawg".

I a member of the "Happy Tails" organization and make visits to nursing
homes and hospitals to spread around some "Bulldawg Love".

I live with my "rescue" dad & mom, Robert & Jackie Searl in Alpharetta, GA.
Prior to moving to my "rescue home", I had found myself in a "Bulldawg"
rescue situation and was so thankful and blessed to have been rescued by
these two. They have me just where I want them.if you get the picture.

I have many stories to tell and I am in the process of writing my first
book, which will introduce others, to "rescue" and the importance of what
people like Ali and "rescue families" do for those seeking TLC  :-)

This also applies to you humans as well.we all, at some time in our earthly
life find ourselves in need of rescue and I want to share my story.

I am in the process of investigating out how one goes about creating a
website.I already have a registered domain.just waiting to find the right
person, with the best possible price, I may have to float a loan, know any
good bankers?? Anyway, back to the topic of spreading the word, Clyde Boy
came with a story and the everyday adventures are a riot around here.

Also working on all that I learned at Bulldawg know sayings, positive,
uplifting and motivational stuff.we can all use this!

Also, we have another new rescue in the family.

Her name is Abigail, "Abbie", she was taken to the vet to be put down, well
"The Bruise Brothers and Rescue Dad & Mom would not have that so she lives
with us as of June 17th 2005.she is four.  :-)

I have been given the responsibility of training these two.they have a ways
to go, if you get my drift! Anyway, we get along and I'm their mentor and
keep a close eye out for them since they are smaller and need lots TLC.

Email address for "The Bruise Brothers" that be me and Clyde at May God bless and I look forward to hearing from
ya! : -) BIG AL.The Great White. Remember, Pain Is Inevitable, Misery Is

PS.Ms. Abigail has been placed with her "rescue dad" Mickey Lyons. She has
her own pool and coy pond and rules the home, if you know what I mean :-)





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