VivyLand English Bulldog News
October 29, 2006
In This Issue:

1. Halloween Treat Recipe
2. Getting Ready for the Holidays
3. Bulldogs Available in Colorado
4. Bulldog Snoring Videos + troubleshooting
5. Send Me Questions!

===================== FEATURE EDITORIAL ===============

1) Special Halloween Treat Recipe


It's that spooky time of year again, and I've already
seen the bulldogs parading around the streets here
dressed as a ladybug, a pumpkin, a fairy, and more.

Since all the little trick-or-Treaters get Halloween treats,
I thought it appropriate that out little guys get them too!

This recipe comes from Deb Sprague, who says:

Thought I would share one of Avalanches favorite recipes.
I made them today for the boys and they loved them too.!

2 Cups whole grain spelt flour
1 Cup Cornmeal
3 eggs
1 1/2 Cups canned pumpkin(make sure its canned pumpkin and
not pumpkin pie filling that is loaded with sugar!)

Mix all ingredients if it looks too sticky add a bit more spelt
flour and roll out to about 1/4"

Cut into bone shapes place on slightly floured cookie sheet

Cook at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes then turn off oven and
let them sit if you want them crispy..If you want them softer
for your older bullies take them out right away and they will
be chewy.

yummy! no wheat, and pumpkin is good for bully
digestion! I'm going to have to eat a few too.


2) Holidays are Coming SOON!


I know it isn't even Halloween, but I'm seeing a lot of
holiday stuff in the stores already. Yikes!

Over the past 6 years I have offered holiday ornaments
and I'm going to have them again this year.

My supplier of adorable handmade ornaments
of Bulldog Angels, Jingle Bell Bulldogs, and the Sledding
Bulldog is way backlogged on her orders. She's promised
to send my shipment soon, possibly this week.

However, the way things are going with her,
I don't think I'll be able to re-order any more, so they
may go fast.

You can order now if want to be sure to get
some, and I'll send out your order as soon as they come
in. Here's where you can see them all:


3) Bulldogs Available in Colorado


I recently heard of two bulldogs availble here in
Colorado. They will be up for adoption from a woman
named Claire - you can reach her by email:

Here are the details:

TYLER is a 3 1/2 yr old male (in tact).... and has 6 points
and one major on him now... and that was with his lack of
weight on him. He is now putting weight on ... and starting
to look good. AWESOME head and beautiful disposition.
He actually belongs to Kay & Bill Gray (breeder judges)
in CA. They are asking $800. I think he is show material
provided we can continue to put weight on him. He is
putting it on now.

PRIDE was a 7 month old I sent as a gift to my son in
Canada. She just turned 3 yrs old. He and his wife just
moved into a house (renting) large enough for their fairly
new business (embroidering)..... and were not allowed
to bring the dog. He is devastated. He wanted to give
her to a neighbor.... but I decided I would bring her
here and place her myself. She is spayed tho.
I will sell her for $500 to a special family and am
willing to take my time to find that family. She is great
in the house (good manners) and not a barker. She loves
kids and also cats would you believe.
She use to sleep with two of them. LOL.

The woman who has these dog is named Claire and she
will be screening potential owners.
Contact her by email at cwmorganlady@yahoo.com

4) Bulldog Rock Stars Videos

If you haven't seen the bulldog music videos, be sure
to see them at this webpage:

If you're having trouble viewing them, I have included
instructions on ActiveX controls at the bottom of the

They're really funny, and sooo typical bulldog!

VivyLand English Bulldog News
August 10, 2006

In This Issue:

1. What You Feed Your Bulldog Survey Results
2. Free Shipping on Vivy's Custom Bulldog Products
3. Tell Us What You Think!

===================== FEATURE EDITORIAL ===============

1) What Should We Feed Our Bullies?

The food survey results were very Diverse!!

The most popular brand was Royal Canine 24. It got
rave reviews, here's one example:
"WOW what a difference this food makes, her eyes
don't run anymore and she does not have that smell to
her anymore" -- Carol in Ohio

Then there were many other choices, listed in
alphabetical order:

Bil Jac
Natural Choice Lamb and Rice
Prescription Diet
Purina Lamb and Rice
Science Diet Ultra Z/D

My preference is to feed only premium brands, with no
wheat and rotate them (always introduce new food
slowly, mixing it with the old). My favorites are
Innova, Avo Lamb and Rice, and Pinnacle.

My theory of food rotation is based on my idea that
a variety of foods is good for general health. We don't
eat the same thing every day, nor should our bulldogs.

Here's an interesting article on pet diet, what's in it,
why it's important to vary your dog's diet:

As for treats, many (including myself) feed their bulldogs
mini carrotts. They're a great alternative to high calorie dog
biscuits. We know how much our little friends love to eat!


2) Free Shipping on Vivy's Custom Bulldog Products


If you've had a hankering for any of Vivy's Custom
Bulldog Products, now's the time to order!

If you're shopping for your kids for school, or just
for yourself or even trying to get a jump on the holidays
(yikes - they are coming), you can get *FREE* SHIPPING
for a limited time at our custom shop.

Simply enter this code into the coupon/promotion code
box when you check out. The code is appropriately
enough: DOGDAYS

Here's a link to Vivy's shop:

Vivy's most popular designs are "Beautiful" and the
"Bulldog Ranch"

And I've just added a new design: "Lounging", it is
after all, what bulldogs do best!

Hurry, the shipping offer ends August 25th
Here's that link again:


3) Tell Me What You Think!



May 9, 2006

In This Issue:

1. Thanks to all who wrote me
2. VivyLand Gets a Facelift Soon
3. Bulldog Needs a New Home
4. Tell Us What You Think!

----------Thank You All So Much------------

I would like to thank everyone who wrote me
with such heartfelt condolances. It really helped
me cope with the loss of my pal Vivy.

------------VivyLand Is Getting a Facelift-----

I am definitely going to continue with the VivyLand website
www.vivyland.com In fact, I am totally revamping
it with a new look. It will be unveiled sometime this

-------Annual Card Sale Coming Soon-----------

And I will be having Vivy's annual card sale soon.
Her 12th would be May 27. I'll keep you posted on all
the details.

------------Bully Needs Home---------

A great opportunity has come to my attention
A beautiful white bullie needs a home.
Here's the original message and contact information:

Hello .. My name is Kimberly and I live in MD. I've always adored
English Bulldogs from afar, but have never had the pleasure of having
one as a family member. My current K9 kids are Boxers and a Dogue de

The reason for my joining this list is for a very close friend of
mine who is having problems with her 2 yr old female English Bulldog,
Lily. I told her I would do all I can to help her find the perfect
home for Lily to be happy in since it's just not working out with
Lily and her other 3 dogs. Below is more details about Lily. She is
from a breeder in Myrtle Beach, NC who will not return my friend's
phone calls.

Lady Lily needs a new place to call home. Lily will be 2 years old
next month and is a white English Bulldog, purebred from the finest
champion lineage. Lily is a silly girl who is very funny and
playful, loving and cuddly. She loves to sit on a couch with her
human and be the princess. Lily needs to be in a home with English
Bulldog parenting with extensive experience, someone who loves and
knows the breed inside and out. Lily will need to be an only do with
no small children. Lily is an assertive bully who likes some very
submissive dogs her size to play with, but the perfect fit would be
hard to find so being an only dog is best. Lily has a few special
needs that a bully knowledgeable person would easily identify and
understand; Lily's rope, deep folds on her face need to be cleaned
daily and as a pup, Lily's tail was inverted and had to be amputated
so she need regular cleaning under the nub and monthly anal gland

Lily is a snoring, kissing, snorting, sometimes drooling because she
has to stick her whole head in the water bully who wants nothing more
than to grow old and cuddle with an adult home, perhaps a retired
individual or someone with canine training experience.

Lily loves to walk on a leash and loves to sun bathe. Lily loves to
sit on balls and play tug-of-war with a rope toy. Lily is highly
food motivated and knows how to sit and down; however, being a bully
she's got a mind of her own! Lily has had individual one-on-one
training with a strong breed trainer who says that Lily is a strong
dog who will require someone who can be her gentle leader.

Lily needs someone who will offer her forever, safety, understanding,
patience and love and in return, you will get the devotion,
friendship and loyalty of her wrinkled self for many, many years to

Extensive interview required, home, reference, and vet checks
required. Lily is perfect for someone who's bully might have
recently crossed the Bridge and they are looking to share their home
with a little girl in need of kindness, gentle rubs and a great deal
of patient understanding.

Please contact me privately at RingoandApril@aol.com if you feel you
or someone you know can help Lily.

Kimberly Benny

If you are looking for a bulldog or know someone who could take
Lily, please send Kimberly an email at ringoandapril@aol.com


April 26, 2006

My Pal Vivy: May 27, 1994 - April 20, 2006

"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet"

Vivian was my great companion and creative inspiration for
nearly twelve years.

In 1994 I was considering getting a dog and out of curiosity I
went to see a bulldog. She looked at me with those big bulldog
eyes and it was love at first sight. From that day forward, she
was always at my side.

She came to me as a messenger of perfect love. My designer
furniture no longer mattered; slobber on the walls was a minor
annoyance; fur balls floating down the hallway were amusing.
Snoring? no problem!

Clicka clicka clicka on the hardwood floors let me know where
she was. Bulldog whining let me know when she wanted to go
outside. If I was late with her dinner, she would come up and sit
by me and stare; if I did not respond, she would paw my leg. We
had a routine and if I ever varied from it, she would let me know
with a look as if to say 'let's get on with it!'

She was always happy to see me. She would run to me when I
came home, roll over on her back and squirm around as I pet her
soft belly. We played tag. We played fetch except she didn't
usually bring the ball back. I taught her to smile with her lower
teeth, and to speak with what wasn't really a bark, but that
gravel-ly bulldog sound.

We had so much fun. She loved the water and for years I took
her daily to the local fountain to watch her wade around trying
to catch leaves as they floated by. We could barely walk down
the street for all her admirers - people would stop their cars
and jump out to say 'hi'.

And they didn't even know she was famous. Since I
was a photographer, I took her to my studio with me and began
taking photos of her in-between jobs. In our first commercial
attempt I posed her the way I saw her: as an angel. I got little
wings for her and put her on a pedestal. She was a natural.

Five years later I launched VivyLand, a greeting card company
that featured her whimsical photographs. To say she was a
creative inspiration would be an understatement. I found so
much humor and joy in her expressions and character that I was
compelled to make all her cards.

She was on tv several times. Fame and celebrity did not phase
her. She took it all in stride and taught me that it really doesn't
matter. She was always content to just sit on the couch with me.
She knew that the only thing that matters is love. And she had
plenty of that for me.

Last Thursday she looked at me for the last time, as she took her
last breath. Those bulldog eyes. That bulldog love. She remains
a bright light in my life and I am forever grateful for the times
we shared.

Your Bulldog Pal,

p.s. The details are few. She had been slowing down. On her walk
Tues afternoon she dropped on her back legs coming into the
house. Tues night she was restless and I got up twice to let her
out but she would not settle into her bed. I called the vet Wed
morning and took her in. She was hanging her head and was less
than enthusiastic. The vet called Thursday morning to say all her
tests were normal and he wanted her to see the neurologist. I
put her in the car and we got about 5 blocks and she looked at
me and gasped and died.

VivyLand English Bulldog News
March 23, 2006

In This Issue:

1. It's Springtime in the Rockies - almost
2. New Custom Product Featurnig Your Bulldog
3. What Do You Feed Your Bulldog?
4. Tell Us What You Think!

===================== FEATURE EDITORIAL ===============

1) Springtime in the Rockies

It's spring here in Denver, but I have to say, it is still
freeeeezing here! Vivy sleeps a lot, but still loves her
afternoon walks. Bulldogs can travel far in the winter
when the temperatures are cool.

So take this opportunity to walk yourself and your bully,
you'll both benefit from the exercise and bonding that
can only occur when dog walking. And be sure to bundle up.

Remember not to walk when the temperatures are below about
20 degrees as very cold air can damage a bulldog's lungs.
And be on the lookout for snowmelt that can get into cracks
in your dog's feet and cause pain.

Speaking of Spring, I have added a new image to Vivy's
collection, called "Vivy in the Garden" You can see it
on the website at http://www.vivyland.com/

And that leads me to my next topic:


2) New Custom Product Featuring Your Bulldog


When I did the image of Vivy in the Garden, which
you can see on the website at http://www.vivyland.com/
I had several people comment that they wanted their
dog in that garden.

So I've given it some thought and came up with an

If you would like the same picture, featuring your
dog instead of Vivy, that you can put on all kinds
of products on our custom printing site, I'll do it
for you.

This is a very limited time offer, and I may reqret it
because it will be a lot of work for me, but I do love
all your dogs and am happy to take Vivy out of the picture
and put in your Bully for a compositing fee of $20.

Then I will upload your image to our custom site
and you can put your Springtime Bulldog on your choice
of products.

If you are not familiar with these products, you can
see what I mean at http://www.cafepress.com/vivyland


3) What Do You Feed Your Bulldog?


I've had many people write and ask me what I feed my
Vivy. Probably since she's almost 12, people seem to
what to know her secret to longevity!

I know the bulldog community is very discerning and very
particular about how they treat their precious bulldogs.

So I've decided to put the question to you.

What Do You Feed Your Bulldog? tell me any food and
supplements. Or any other special care.

simply reply to this email or send your answer to me at

I will post the results in the next newsletter.



            VivyLand English Bulldog News
                December 13, 2005
In This Issue:

   1. Project X finally viewable
   2. Holiday Madness
   3. Tell Us What You Think!

===================== FEATURE EDITORIAL ======================

1) Project X is ready for viewing


I am happy to announce that Project X is up and waiting for you
online.  It's real title is "Why I Love My Bulldog". It's a flash
video that's over 4 minutes long, so grab your popcorn and have
a peek! http://www.vivyland.com/bulldogLove.htm

I am so grateful for everyone who contributed quotes and photos.
We had so many that we had to edit them down, but we included as
many as possible.  Some photos were not high enough resolution to
use, but we got a really good representation of your dogs.  If
anyone was left out, I apologize, but hope you enjoy the presentation
as much as I do.

Technical notes: it is available in 4 viewing sizes.  It is a very
large file so choose the appropriate format for your internet
connection.  And keep in mind it will take a while to load.
More instructions online.

See it now! And please tell me what you think!


2) Holiday Madness


VivyLand has had more holiday orders than ever, so I'm thinking
there are more bulldog lovers out there every day.  We have a new
shipment of ornaments coming in soon, (I've re-ordered twice now)
and we can ship by Dec 20th.  That's really cutting it close but
the post office assures that mail shipped on the 21st will
arrive for Christmas.

Be sure to check out the Bulldog in Pjs and the holiday
glass ornament.  These are large, beautifully made items and
the photographs do not do them justice!

Our custom site, http://www.cafepress.com/vivyland still has
a discount of $10 on orders of $50 or more, use coupon code
HOL20 at checkout.

And our ebay shop,
still has discounts until Dec 18 if you pay using PayPal:
1. Save 10% (up to $25 total) on your next eBay purchase.
PayPal coupon code is C11-GIFTGUIDE
2. Get $5 off your next purchase of $50 or more. PayPal
coupon code is C22-GIFTGUIDE
3. Save $15 off your next purchase of $100 or more. PayPal
coupon code is C23-GIFTGUIDE


3) Tell Me What You Think!


We would love to hear what you think of this issue of
VivyLand English Bulldog News. And of course, if you
have any suggestions for upcoming issues that you'd like to
share with us, please send those, too!

Just e-mail me at: jan@vivyland.com


VivyLand was founded by Jan Oswald in 2000.  Named after her beloved
bulldog Vivian, or Vivy to those who know her, the website features
bulldog gifts, cards, information, and fun!

Contact me by e-mail at jan@vivyland.com
or visit VivyLand at http://www.vivyland.com


VivyLand English Bulldog News
December 2, 2005

In This Issue:

1. Project X Getting Final Touches!
2. PayPal (eBay use) & CafePress discount codes

===================== FEATURE EDITORIAL ======================

1) Project X is Almost Ready for Viewing!


Project X is getting the final touches and will be uploaded to
the website next week. There are so many great photos and quotes,
the hardest part has been editing it down enough so it will
be easily loaded for viewing. Hint: it's a flash film.

In addition, I will be posting all of the quotes and many of the
photos to the website for all to read and see.



2) I've Uncovered Some Valuable Discount Codes


If you pay using PayPal and shop on eBay, this is for you.
C11-GIFTGUIDE Will get you 10% off with no minimum eBay
purchase required. A $25 maximum discount applies.
Expires 11:59pm (PDT) Dec. 18 2005.
VivyLand has an ebay shop:

Also, our custom shop: http://www.cafepress.com/vivyland
offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more.
Use coupon code: FreeShip Now through Dec 6.


Your Fellow Bulldog Lover,

p.s. I always like to hear from you!

Contact me by e-mail at jan@vivyland.com
or visit VivyLand at http://www.vivyland.com

VivyLand English Bulldog News
October 25, 2005
In This Issue:
1. Project X Update
2. "How to Meditate with Your Dog" - no kidding!
3. Tell Us What You Think!
===================== PROJECT X ======================
1) Project X is Coming Along GREAT - thanks to you all!!
I received so many great photos of bulldogs, thanks to all of
you who sent them in! Now the project will go into production.
I have some ideas on how to put it all together that I think
you will enjoy.
The truth of the matter, and why I'm doing this, is that little
Vivy is getting on, 11 and a half now, and she's been such a pal
to me. And I know you all feel the same about your bulldogs,
especially judging from your emails and photos. So I wanted to
do a tribute to our little four footed friends.
And what better way to celebrate Vivy than with all her bulldog
pals. Stay tuned for progress reports. I'm hoping to have it
ready for Thanksgiving (seems appropriate).
Visit the website to see all the holiday gifts arriving daily!
2) "How to Meditate with Your Dog"
I couldn't resist this offer, so I'm passing it on to you.
This is a ONE DAY ONLY deal, TODAY, so check it out today.
One of the freebies is the chapter on Eyes in The Healthy
Bulldog: Guide to Common Bulldog Health Problems.
So here's the press release:
Get "How to Meditate with Your Dog" today on Amazon and
You could win a vacation to Maui, Hawaii
You may have seen it on Jay Leno last Friday, read about it in the
newspaper, or heard about it on Leeza Gibbons' show, but if you
haven't gotten a copy of the just-released book "How to Meditate
with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers," TODAY
is the day.
That is because to celebrate the launch of this soon-to-be
bestseller, the publisher is giving away a ton of bonus gifts and a
chance to win a dream vacation to Maui, Hawaii if you purchase the
book today--October 25--at Amazon.com.
The concept behind the book is so ingenious: meditating with your
dog. It is something that the author James Jacobson (who is a
life-long meditator) has been doing with his dog for the last 13
years. The 200-page hardcover book is a fun read. "How to Meditate
with Your Dog" is extremely well-written, packed with lots of
rib-tickling cartoons and it includes a free meditation CD.
Meditating with your dog is good for both you and your pooch. For
you, it relieves stress, improves focus, enhances concentration and
gives you an overall sense of wellbeing. For your dog, it helps
calm the dog, can help relieve separation anxiety, assist in
training and is an amazing bonding experience for both of you.
If you feel as close to your dog as I do to mine, you got to check
out this book and take advantage of this amazing offer when you
purchase today. Just follow this link:
You will get a slew of valuable downloadable gifts right away and
you will be entered to win a dream vacation to Maui including
airfare, accommodations and extras like a luau and a sunset cruise.
With the holidays around the corner, this is a great gift for any
dog lover. Check out all the details at
http://www.dogmeditation.com/meditate_with_your_dog =================================================
3) Tell Us What You Think!
We would love to hear what you think of this issue of
VivyLand English Bulldog News. And of course, if you
have any suggestions for upcoming issues that you'd like to
share with us, please send those, too!
Just e-mail me at: jan@vivyland.com


more photo sending options:
If your email does not like large photo attachments,
you can upload them to photo-sharing sites. Just send
me an email with a link so I can find them.
Here are a couple of sites to use:
If you have another photo sharing site or your own
web page, just send me a link to your photos.
Remember they need to be about 1 MB in size.
Your Fellow Bulldog Lover,


that's all I can say, the "bulldog love" quotes were
absolutely fantastic! I couldn't have asked for more.
And they gave me a great idea for what to do with them.
I'm going to call it PROJECT X for now.
And I need to ask you for one more thing: PHOTOS.
Project X can easily be produced from my library of existing
photos of Vivy, but I'd really like all of you
to have a chance to include your bulldogs too.
So dig into your scrapbooks and find photos of your bulldog.
Especially of your bulldog doing some of the things you love
about them.
I have received many great photos for the Vivy's Friends page,
but they are not big enough for Project X.
I need files of about 1 MB in size. These would be taken with
the large setting on your digital camera.
There are two ways to send them in:
You can attach them to an email. Simply reply to this email
and attach your photos.
or you can just mail a snapshot to:
5425 E. 3rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80220
And remember, if you send in a photo (or have already sent in
your "reasons why") you will receive a free copy of this new
product. And by sending in your photos, you agree that I can
use them in this product.
Project X is going to be a really great thing and I hope you all
will participate. It is my way of saying thank you to all of
you for being bulldog lovers like me!
Your Fellow Bulldog Lover,



I'm doing some research and I need your help
to find out "what you love about your bulldog"
It can be anything, no matter how silly you think it is
--qualities of your dog
--funny or hearwarming stories
--character traits
--anything else you can think of
Just reply to this email and tell me what you love about
your dog!
Then keep your eyes peeled for the answers in an upcoming
newsletter or info-product or other cool gift that's yours
to keep just for helping me out with this research.
thanks in advance!
Your Fellow Bulldog Lover,


Stolen Bulldog - a Cautionary Tale

I'm sending out this nail-biting email I received from a friend
whose bulldog was stolen out of the yard. Luckily, it has a happy
ending, but I have heard about three other cases lately that did not.

Note that the owners took QUICK DECISIVE ACTION! and that is most
likely why they got their beloved bulldog back.

Please note: I've changed the names to protect their privacy.

"Hi Jan,
Yes, it was Bentley!
She was taken from our backyard over the fence while Joe, my son and
I were in the house. Bentley, and our 5mo male puppy were in the
yard between 5 -10 min alone. The puppy barked an alert and didn't go
to the fence, or I'm sure they would have taken him too.

Thank goodness for stupid criminals, as she was seen with the
thieves at 2 pet stores the night she was taken. The guys at
PetCo saw them again a day later and got license plates. We are
also members of the Bulldog Club, and one of the members is a
Commander on our local Police Dept. He ran down the plates and
in the process 7 people went to jail for outstanding warrants for
drug trafficking.

Our final lead led to a house on Bryant St. and that got another
local city Police Dept involved, Bentley wasn't there, but another
bulldog was. So, our friend had the PD relay a message that he
would be "breathing down the necks of everyone at the Bryant house
for the rest of their days unless they returned the bulldog tonight."

That worked,because she showed up at our house
3 hours later with 2 women from our neighborhood who claimed she
mysteriously appeared in their backyard...

Although, no arrest was made directly to Bentley, we think with all
the other arrests the people who had her obviously got scared.
She is home safe and sound!! Our vet said she is OK and not to worry.

We don't let our bulldogs out alone now, and I can't begin to tell
you how happy we are to have her with us again, but somehow I
think you understand...

"Phew! That was a close call and it makes
my stomachturn to think about it. They were fortunate that they
knew a localpolice officerfrom the Bulldog Club.

I don't want to scare you, but just remind you to be particularly
vigilant, especially if you do not have a privacy fence.
Your Pals,
Jan & Vivy

Back to School

Well, it's August already, and we're getting
a little relief from the 90+ degree heat here
in Denver. Phew!
August means "back to school" time for a lot
of folks. And it got me thinking about school for
bulldogs. Can they be taught anything?
We know they are very stubborn, but
like any other dog they live to please us.
When Vivy was young she was quite ill for a long
time, and the vet said don't make her go outside
in the snow, she's too weak. Well, needless to
say, her potty training was awful.
So when she finally got well at six months old, I had
a very poorly housebroken dog. It didn't do any
good to get mad at her, so I tried praising her
for doing the right thing. Initially I'd give her a treat
and enthusiasticly praise her every time she went
outside to pee. She got the idea and soon there
were no more 'accidents'.
Then I wanted to train her to "stay" since she
would run off at any opportunity. Trainers say
that is the most difficult command to teach.. So
I decided to connect it with her breakfast and
When it was time to eat, I made her sit and "stay!"
I would stand between her and the food and have
her sit. I included a hand signal of upraised
flat palm (as in halt)with the voice command.
First I'd have her stay for just a moment. Then
with a sweeping, pointing hand signal I'd direct
her to the food bowl. She was very happy to eat.
I gradually increased the time, eventually being
able to leave the room for a short time and find her
still sitting when I returned.
She quickly got the idea. Now when she looks
like she's going to run off or is considering the
bulldog body slam, I simply raise my hand up and
say "STAY". And she does it!
Gotta love that!


The Dog Days of Summer

Well, it looks like the Dog Days of summer are here again,
at least in Denver, where it's been over 90 for the past several
days, with no end in sight!Did you know that the term Dog Days came from the Romans?

Caniculares Dies (Latin for dog days) referred the period of
intense heat from July through August. The Romans believed that the
movement of the stars in the heavens  controlled what happened on earth.
So, when the heat of the summer sun happened to coincide with the rising
in the sky of the Dog Star (Sirius), they coined the term "dog days". And
nowadays it still refers to that heat, as well as to a period of

Speaking of inactivity, that's exactly what your bulldog should
be doing in this kind of heat. As you know, bulldogs do not do
well in the heat: their shortened nose does not allow them to
cool off like other dogs and they are very susceptible to heat stroke.

My little Vivy is now eleven and she loves to lay in the sun and
go for her walks. Neither of which is such a good idea when it's 90 degrees,
but I have found some great ways to reduce the problems of too much heat.

When I walk her, I only do it early in the morning or late at night
in the summer. And I always take a water bottle along and pour water
on her when she starts to heat up, especially on her head (don't let
it get in her ears) and on her little behind.

I also use the wet t-shirt routine. Before there were so many dog
clothes, I used to buy Viv t-shirts in the children's department at
Target click here

I also have some t-shirts for dogs - custom designs.
Look through my different bulldog designs and find the
Dog T-shirt you like by clicking the following link:

Finally, I found some great cooling dog beds. Before, Vivy had to
go lay on the tile in the bathroom to cool off, but of course she
never likes to leave my side. So now she can lay on her nice cool bed.
She loves her cooling bed.

These dog beds have a unique cooling design, and several great features:

      * Dry Outer Surface
      * Therapeutic For Injuries
      * Contours to Pressure Points
      * No Electricity or Refrigeration
      * No Maintenance
      * No Machine Washing
      * 2 Year Warranty

You can take a look at these high tech cooling beds by
clicking here

Vivy and I wish you a terrific, bulldog safe summer.
And please pass this message along to all your dog friends.

Talk to you soon,

Jan & Vivy
p.s. For more information on bulldog heatstroke and other health problems,
pick up a copy of my informative ebook: The Healthy Bulldog - you candownload it instantly after payment: http://www.bulldoghealth.com/







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