"Extend Your Bulldog's Life by Knowing About These Health Risks"

find out the truth about bulldog health

Guide to Common English Bulldog health problems:
the 7 most common health problems
how to treat them
when to call the vet


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"Now You Can Solve Your Dog's Health Problems At Home - Even If You've Tried Everything Else And Failed Miserably!"

Over 1000 Safe, Natural And Effective Veterinary Secrets To Healing Your Pet!
This book is NOT specifically geared to the English Bulldog ,
but it is loaded with useful, practical information.

by Andrew Jones, DVM

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We've located some great books on healthcare.
The first is for English Bulldogs produced by Vivyland and based on all the health problems Vivy has encountered over her 11 plus years!
The second on general dog health and a huge compilation of home remedies
both feature instant downloads!



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