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the Bulldog Health System

bulldog health book

The Healthy Bulldog is the definitive Guide to all your bulldog's health issues. It is the main component in my Bulldog Health System.

Thoroughly researched and including updates when new information becomes available.

I spared no expense healing my bulldog Vivy and I learned a great deal about English Bulldog health and care.

She had so many health issues I was told she wouldn't reach it to one year old! But I didn't believe that and started researching everything about Bnglish bulldogs.

When I started to recieve questions from my VivyLand readers I decided to turn my knowledge into a book.

It is broken down into easy to read and understand chapers on the most common bulldog diseases. You can read about symptoms, causes, and home cures. When should you treat at home and when should you call the vet.

Rest easy once you know all about common bulldog problems relating to eyes, skin, stomach, orthopedics, soft palate, allergies,
heat, breathing, and more!
Click here to read more about this Bulldog Health Guide

The Bulldog: a Monograph

the bulldog a monograph

This bulldog classic, the extremely rare and highly coveted bulldog book:
The Bulldog: a Monograph, by Edgar Farman. 

It is also included in my Bulldog Health System, but you can purchase it just by itself.

This is a digital reproduction of the original third edition from 1903.

It's packed with over 200 pages of information on the bulldog breed, history, characteristics, and tons of illustrations. It's a real find!!!

Copies of this bulldog classic, if you can even find one, go for as much as $400 but luckily I've secured a copy and you can get it as a digital download to view on your computer desktop or print out yourself.

To read a short exerpt about the history of the breed, click here

You can get your digital copy of this great classic for only $9.95
Click here to order

The Miracle of Healing Your Dog with Food

miracle of healing you dog with food book

The latest addition to my Bulldog Health System this book deals with food and how it affects every aspect of your English Bulldog's health.

I have come to believe that food is the cornerstone of bulldog health. As you may know, bulldogs are so inbred that they have genetic weaknesses including immunity problems.

They just can't fight off the everyday bacteria and environmental assaults of our modern day world.

This book explores just how food can heal your dog and add years to his or her life.

This book is included in my Bulldog Health System, but you can also buy it separately at this site: www.MyBestDogFood.com

Charming Story About a Bulldog Puppy
from 1903

bulldog puppy

As you can see from this illustration, this story concerns the bulldog puppy as he looked at the turn of the century.

The author paints a heart warming picture of the bulldog puppy as he explores his surroundings. And he tells of the life of a puppy in that era.

Written by a man who loved and lost his english bulldog puppy to an illness that is most likely completely preventable nowadays.

You will feel the love this man had for his dog, and you'll love the illustrations and the way he captures the curiosity of our little friends.

Instant Digital Download
Our Price only $9.77
click here to order

Easily Care For Your Pet At Home Using
Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients

I am always reading about bulldog health
and home remedies for my precious bulldog.
And I came across a terrific book that I
think you'd enjoy. Home remedies for your
English Bulldog. See what I'm talking about:
home remedies for your bulldog

It's loaded with all kinds of home remedies for conditions such as: arthritis, asthma, coughing, constipation, diarrhea, dung eating, flatulence, fur loss, mange, ringworm, ticks, wounds, and
much much more.  

There's even an email course available for you.

It's 185 pages chock full of things to do to
increase your dog's health and well being. We bulldog owners know about the need for natural cures we can do at home.

Jan, have you been to the vet
recently? Wow that gets expensive!

This book could save you a lot in vet bills! In fact the cost of the book is only a fraction of one vet bill.

And if you go to the website today,
you can sign up for a mini-course
on alternative medicine.  You will get
the most effective alternative
treatments to treat common pet health
problems... and you can begin
to use these immediately to heal your
bulldog at home! I think it's well worth
a look! click here for home cures and remedies



The Shocking Truth About Dog Food!

written by a man who lost his dog because he fed him what he thought was good food


dog food secrets

Dog Food Secrets

You won't believe this guy's story about what's really in dog food.

It's a scary account of what happens to thousands of dogs whose owners think they're feeding them the right things.

Warning! some of the images are hard to look at.

Read more by clicking here



Behavior Problems?

I sure had them with Vivy until I got her trained!
Dog Obedience Training Secrets

TRANSFORM Your Dog's Behavior Problems!

click here for more information on this unique effective home training course

Put an End to the Stress and Annoyance of
Your Dog Behavior Problems!

- AND Slash Your Dog Obedience Training Time in Half by Using Techniques That Give You Immediate Results!!

SitStayFetch is designed to be the easiest to follow system for learning how to train your dog and change its behavior available.

It is jam-packed with information
, including

  • how to solve over 25 dog behavior problems,
  • real-life case studies,
  • the best dog training techniques,
  • an email consultation with the SitStayFetch team,
  • piles of photos that will boost your learning
  • AND step-by-step instructions... all within one instantly downloadable book...

    click here to learn more about it on their website








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