This Australian Family Has Bulldogs and Pigs!

I am in Australia and I just love my bulldog Molly to bits.

I will never have another type of dog now and we have been
Breeders for a while now, so we have a litter of seven of
Molly's puppies. I am keeping one and have really good
Homes for the rest.

I also have four pigs, one of whom,
Winston, is my other baby. Well, a 150kg baby!

He is the
Most gentle boy with the puppies. He will stand quiety
While they walk all around him, sniffing trotters, biting
And nibbling on all his bits. He likes the feel of them
So much that his hair stands up on his neck.

After a while
He can't help himself and he gently lies down to make it
easier for them. Yesterday, I caught one of the pups
gnawing on his tusk and Winston just lay there like he
Was in heaven!!

Yes, we have a very eclectic household with
Our pigs, dogs, bird etc. They all get on so well.
A strange mix but I wouldn't have it any other way!

--submitted by Maggie Park, Australia

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