Vivy's cards are a labor of love by photographer artist Jan Oswald.Twenty years
of commercial photography expertise went into the image making process. Jan
studied Vivy for years, wondering what Vivy would do if she could do anything:
if she could fly, if she had a face lift, if she could go to the moon, if she was a flower,
a gargoyle, an angel. Jan has been taking the photos for nine years. She spends
countless hours perfecting the digital images. And she insists on superior printing.
She wants everyone to share her love of Vivy and the bulldog breed.

These cards are individually crafted, they are not mass produced using
photographic formulas or trendy phrases. Each card takes approximately one to
two weeks to produce. When Jan gets an idea, she plans how to photograph Vivy:
what elements are needed,
what backgrounds and sets need to be built, what expression she will elicit from
Vivy, what kind of post production digital work will need to be done. When the set is
constructed, and the lights are set and tested, and the polaroids are looking like
what Jan wants, then Vivy is brought in. The actual photo session usually last about
20 minutes. Then the film is processed, scanned and the digital work is done.

Jan is responsible for every aspect of the card making process. She designs
the cards, builds the sets, takes the photographs, does the digital compositing, and
writes the copy lines all herself. She chooses the paper stock and oversees the
printing process. Jan even designs and develops the website.

The VivyLand card line uses the highest quality printing available. Printed on
premium paper stock in four color offset printing, by local Denver printer Keyline
Graphics, using Heidelberg presses. Our envelopes also exceed normal stationery standards, and are made from high quality 25% cotton fiber bond paper.

In short, we love these cards! VivyLand greeting cards are designed them to last
for years. And Jan hopes you derive as much pleasure looking at them as she did
making them.


Our Mission is to bring love and joy into peoples lives. We do this with Vivy's light
hearted whimsical cards as well as additional high quality english Bulldog merchandise, services, and information. We believe the English Bulldog represents character
(being true to oneself), tenacity (strength of purpose), and generosity (helping others).


We are adding new things to our website every day, and we always appreciate your suggestions! Send your feedback to





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